My nose is my everything

My nose take me to every part of the world...It so amazing

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mummy had been bad..never allow us to write for so many things
happen that I can no longer remember all of them..

I know me and Patch pass our test..daddy very angry with Patch because she
keep breaking for down stay that course her 20 marks or else she will be
top of the class...Me surprise mummy by passing the test!!! Mama dun look
down on me...

Then I have my first Sex with Patch!!! hehe...i not shy...then is Patch
pregnant I dunno?? I heard daddy say wan to give away all my babies if
there are..he is so cruel!!! luckily mummy say no..cannot give away all!!!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I is superdog with my super shoe that mama bought for me during her Bangkok trip with grandmama

I look super handsome!!!See the hand is grandmama feeding me pork..haha..yumyum!!I got good life every Sunday at grandmama house that Patch dun have..I got all the meat!!

Then mama also wan me to wear pink flower t-shirt...EeeEEE..I dun like so girl girl

Woof Woof: Kaixin

Monday, April 24, 2006

Because of our class, mama is looking for transport for us..then she came across this namecard at the vet and email to see the cost, below is the reply,
make mama very angry

From: "Fairlane Enterprise" <>>To: "Kegena Liang" Subject: Re: Pet Taxi>Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 02:51:15 -0500
Dear Kegena,
I am sorry that you feel that way.
What I am providing is Exclusive Pet Taxi Service. When I transport your dogs on that day I will not transport other dogs until my service to you is completed. In that way you can be very sure that your pets will not get infected with lice and ticks or sickness from other dogs.If that happens you will have to spend money on vet bills.
Thank you.

>From: "Kegena Liang" To: fairlane@singapore.comSubject: Re: Pet TaxiDate: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 11:47:41 +0800
Thanks Felix for your reply.However your price is very steep compare to others that only charge me SGD15.00.
From: "Fairlane Enterprise" To: "Kegena Liang" Subject: Re: Pet Taxi Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2006 00:59:42 -0500
Thank you for email to enquire about my pet taxi service. I am so sorry that I could not reply you earlier as my PC was down for a couple of days. My current charges are as follows:->> From point A to point B and back from point B to A is $50.00 plus $10.00 extra for each extra dog. For your case on a regular basis I am willing to waive the extra charge of $10.00. That is to say you must be on a regular basis.
From: "Kegena Liang" To: Subject: Pet Taxi Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 14:35:08 +0800
Hi Felix, I got ur contact from AMKvet. I like to enquiry on Pet Taxi between Yishun to Pet Mover at Paris Ris Farmwayt. Every Sunday from now till Jun 16. Pickup time will> be 9.30am and coming back from Paris Ris will be 1.00pm There is 2 adult and 2 dog,a JRT and Silky. Look forward for your reply. Thanks & Regards, Kegena
Mama is angry because he sounded mama is stupid dunno there is lice or tick and will cause medical bill..where say sorry!!!such an idoit man...Think his service is bloody good. Mama dun like the way he put his sentence sound so harsh and rude!!!
Mama dun like so I will never recommend his service to anyone
He is Felix,
email address is
Hp number: i will out it up soon

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I been lazy to write...

I am sick with perasites..dunno how to spell infest my I on another medication..Why god bring me to earth but with so many problem!!!unfair!!!

Well, I am stil a man, mama decide to delay the date to remove my balls...because of my obedience mama walk me very weirdly turn here turn there make me giddy!!!This sunday I will be going to the class..hmmm...i hope the trainer like me

Woof Woof: Kaixin

Thursday, April 13, 2006

This is where I like to sleep beside in my bed..because I love the air that flow into the house..then I can see my neighbour that walk pass me and sometime will sayang me...

There is pee on our bed so mama got to wash it...dun open your eyes big big now because it not our the pee flow after we pee at home then the bed got it...

it my bed you think I like to dirty it!!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Because we are moving to london soon as papa got his re-entry permit done so he can stay here for another ten we can move on now..i got to be implant with a chip...OMG i think i can electronic now i chip in me...

I have to put my id chip number in my blog because I know one day my mama will lose the number somewhere or dunno where she put it...

So I think this site is the best..i dun think it will be lost in the internet space

my chip number
Patch : 968.000002330360 BCDS 10099.100998

Then since I am sister to Kaixin..altot sometime i dun like him but i will miss him when he go grandma house and leave me home alone...i help him put his chip id here also

Kaixin: 968.000002294953 BCDS 10099.100999

Woof Woof: Patch

Monday, April 10, 2006

Have you heard of pillow fighting...yes when a couple fight with pillow then pillow case tear then feather feather flying everywhere...imagining?? so nice like snow like that...

It happen at home last friday...Me and Kaixin see our first feather nice!!! The feather come from this pillow...

Mama n papa not at home, it our paradise... When mama come back from gym and see this..She freaking out..She cannot stop scolding and scolding...luckily she never beat us...

But this also mean now we only left with a bed..they dun let us use the pillow more snow..hai...